Tuesday, February 03, 2009

But I love the Better Business Bureau

So today my phone rings. It's "unknown". "This is so and so, VP of such and such at Bank of America", she says. My first thought is, is this a recruiting call???

Turns out it was Bank of America calling to tell me that they had just credited my account for $92.16 for the fees and finance charges incurred last October. Yay!

I was feeling so bitter last Friday that I filed a BBB complaint against BoA. And apparently someone with more sense than the phone rep (who preferred losing a customer of 5 years to refunding $39, my original request) received it.

Thank you, BoA. You have redeemed yourself.
But an even bigger thank you to the good old BBB!

[Postscript: this segment on tonight's Marketplace was especially appropriate.]

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