Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Midterms Already??

Well, the good news is that it's half over. The bad news is that it's only half over.

Maybe I'm just projecting my own state of mind on my classmates, but the atmosphere in class seems awfully subdued this week. A lot of nodding off in the afternoon class. Sleep has not been my friend this week either. (Is it ever?) This is the time in the quarter when the optimism I always feel with a new set of classes has worn off and I'm just ready to be done already and weary of feeling eternally disappointed in myself. And I think there is something a bit more gloomy about the winter quarter with all the first-year recruiting nerves and piercing, cold weather.

I have only two midterms this week and one next (happily 2 of my classes are midtermless). My midterm tomorrow is for a pass/fail class. We shall see how my strategy of just "not failing" (a tricky threshold to judge) pans out. I'm operating under the assumption that if I at least write some reasonable sentences for half the questions that I will pass. But I have fallen well short of the 100s of pages of required reading. (easily 1,500 so far) So we shall see.

I can't wait until March 20th. I am going to sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep and ...

[note 2/5/09: that midterm was not worth worrying over at all! i'm not sure why i can't seem to learn this already.]

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