Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To be cont ...

Y was sick all weekend which made me effectively a single parent. (I can't parent one kid alone ... 14?!!) (Happy Valentine's Day!) And my immune system finally gave in yesterday. (Not helped by some very meager sleep patterns.) So I don't think I'll be posting anything this week. I am working on a student life at Booth post ... so stay tuned.

It's the 7th week of classes which I find really exciting since I can't wait for this quarter to be over. Chicago is thawing out a bit which is nice. I can now walk to campus rather than using the bus which gives me a couple miles of much needed exercise as well as a little extra vitamin D.

From what I hear, first-year recruiting is a complete nightmare. (My sympathies to all the first-years!!!!) Second years continue to recruit. I am happily not-engaged in any of that.

Anyhow, more later.


Anonymous said...

so you're not looking for a job?? or are you doing it off campus?

can you explain to me the merits of doing a job search off campus vs on campus? are there any cases when that may be optimal?

MaybeMBA said...

I am not looking for a job. (Highly recommended btw.) I might look after the baby is born (pregnant women don't tend to be looked on favorably by recruiters unfortunately) if my start-up track doesn't work out. In my ideal world I never look for a job/walk someone through my resume ever again and can make the entrepreneurship thing work out.

On campus recruiting is comprised primarily of large firms with established recruiting processes and is a major part of the job search for consulting, ibanking (in the good old days), corporate roles (Target, Exxon, MSFT types) and to some extent IM (but even in the good days IM firms hire very few people anyway, making off campus search necessary for many). The big advantage is that you can do a lot of interviewing on campus which can be easier logistically than trekking around the country to source and schedule your own interviews. The big disadvantage is that it offers a limited set of opportunities which might not suit everyone and the process is pretty stressful and competitive which can be really disheartening.

Many people end up doing an off campus search after being unsuccessful on campus. But lots of people never even do on campus because it doesn't fit their goals, particularly if they want to work for a smaller firm or in a less typical MBA track. Which is optimal, just depends on your career goals.

Hope that helps!

Soni said...

I would love to read your take on recruiting this year -- i.e. what you have heard from classmates (since you're not recruiting right now). One of my friends (2nd yr at Booth) told me "ibanking is virtually dead." Ouch.

Looking forward to your post on student life as well.

BTW, are there any healthy options at the cafeteria? during my interview visit I had sweet potato fries. YUM! But can't be too healthy.

Ashley said...

thanks so much for your response above, maybeMBA. you are an excellent writer- what are you doing wasting your time in b school- go write a novel, woman!! (sorry, forgot to post my name in last entry)

MaybeMBA said...

Ashley - ha. The novel was plan B. I think I'm on plan G now ... ;)

Soni - laugh - healthy depends on your POV but I have a feeling you will find something slightly more nutritious than fries in the cafeteria.