Sunday, May 24, 2009

Life Update

  • Baby girl arrived beautifully - it really does get easier
  • Sadly I am back in the job market. Argh.
  • Managing classes but my mind is very much on other things - hard to focus
  • Cloth diapers are apparently much easier to use than one might expect. Yay! (eco-guilt begone)
  • One jog + one yoga class + one ballet class = I am so out-of-shape! (have to fix that immediately)
  • I hate waiting in doctor's offices! (2 kids = too many appointments)
  • Can think of 204 things I'd rather do than pack and move but so looking forward to being back on the west coast


a fan said...

Congratulations and goodluck :)

The.Grey.One said...

Congrats on baby X. Wish you the best.

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