Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On the Job Hunt

On good days (hours) it feels like an exciting challenge and I'm glad to be going back west. On bad days (hours) I feel utterly despondent and afraid I will feel forced to make huge compromises. The biggest issue is that I am still not completely sure of what I can/want to do with myself. My skill set is very specific and in this economy there seems to be less desire to just take "smart MBAs" and assume that they'll figure it out. Recruiting in the off cycle requires a lot of leg work and applicable experience. To be successful these days, one needs to be in top shape ... and ... I'm not. And I didn't structure my MBA with the intention of career switching.

The WSJ has had some articles about MBAs finding themselves returning reluctantly to their pre-MBA industries. Unfortunately that's not even an option if that industry no longer exists as you knew it.

Surprisingly, I find myself still sort of mourning the fate of my old career path. And regretting that my capacity to bootstrap something has been diverted by a recent, hefty investment in human capital. And worrying than an inability to hold one's tongue does not bode well for career sans trading floor.

Oh well. Could be worse. Much worse.

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